Henry Carter Hull Library
Unattended Children Policy

The Henry Carter Hull Library Board of Trustees and staff welcome children of all ages to use the library facilities and services and seek to create a warm and welcoming environment. HCH staff members are committed to the safety of children; however, staff members are not licensed to provide basic child care needs or to supervise children.  Henry Carter Hull Library staff members assume no responsibility for the welfare and safety of the children who use the library and request that parents and guardians consider the well-being of their children and the needs of other library users by cooperating with the following policy.

For the purposes of this policy, an unattended child refers to a child who is in the library alone or a child whose parent or caregiver is in the library but is not adequately supervising that child. The latter situation may occur when the adult and child are in separate areas of the building or when an adult is using the library materials or equipment and is not supervising the child.

According to Connecticut State Law, children under the age of 12 may not be left unsupervised in a place of public accommodation. Exceptions may be made during library programs when the presence of an adult is not required, but the person responsible for the child’s supervision must remain in the library building.

Connecticut General Statutes, Section 53-21a 

Sec. 53-21a. Leaving child unsupervised in place of public accommodation or motor vehicle. (a) Any parent, guardian or person having custody or control, or providing supervision, of any child under the age of twelve years who knowingly leaves such child unsupervised in a place of public accommodation or a motor vehicle for a period of time that presents a substantial risk to the child’s health or safety, shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

Library staff will attempt to locate the parents or guardians of unattended children, ages 12 and under. If parents or guardians cannot be located, staff will attempt to contact parents or guardians by phone. If they cannot be reached or do not arrive within 30 minutes, the Clinton Police will be contacted to assume responsibility for the children.

Children 12 years and older may use the library unaccompanied by an adult. Staff members are not responsible for the monitoring of children, and parents and guardians will be held accountable for the conduct and safety of their children in the library.

Children who are not using the library appropriately or who require excessive staff attention may be asked to leave, and the parents or guardians of these children may be notified and asked to stay with their children while visiting the library in the future.


Henry Carter Hull Library
Loan Policy for Educators

The Henry Carter Hull Library Board of Trustees and staff strive to support the curriculum needs of teachers, homeschoolers, day care providers, and any other adult who works in a classroom or educational setting. We are happy to make accommodations in order to assist educators who need extra time with library materials in order to complete projects, supplement reading materials, support lessons, etc. In order to better serve this population, we recommend the following:

Please inform the circulation staff that you are an educator and would like to request a special due date before checking out any items. We recommend that items be returned within 12 weeks’ time. An invoice will be sent to an educator for any lost or damaged items.