Cold War Comfort: Reading in Clinton, CT 1955-1960

Welcome to the project, Cold War Comfort: Reading in Clinton, CT 1955-1960.

This is a capstone project by the HCH staff member Kathleen M. Cartwright, for the degree of Master of Library and Information Science at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 2022.

A ledger of book acquisition records for HCH Library spanning 1950-1960 has been sitting for the last 60+ years in the HCH Archives. This record of collection development was not easily accessed, nor did the information clearly convey to examiners the nature of the books. With digitization of the information I was able to create a snapshot of what was held in HCH's Collection and therefore was likely being read from the years 1955-1960.

There were roughly 980 book titles spanning 1950-1960, 260 of those spanning 1955-1960 (a chunk of 40-60 from each year) have been cataloged into the HCH Virtual Library 1955-1960.

What was the Clinton community reading in the late 1950s?


In the News 1955-1960

If you were waking up on New Year's Day 1955 through 1960 in Connecticut, you may have seen these headlines in The Hartford Courant.
Access to newspapers in entirety available via CT State Library with your CT State Library Card.

1955 Acquisitions

1956 Acquisitions

1957 Acquisitions

1958 Acquisitions

1959 Acquisitions

1960 Acquisitions