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The Apollo Lunar Missions: 50 Years Later

//The Apollo Lunar Missions: 50 Years Later
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To mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing, join us at Henry Carter Hull Library on Thursday, 7/25 at 6:00pm for a program about the historic Apollo Lunar missions to hear NASA Solar System Ambassador Laurie Averill explain what we have learned about the Moon from the data and samples that were gathered during these explorations. Examine some information about the continuing discoveries that are being made from the materials collected by the astronauts during the Apollo missions.

More about Laurie Averill:

Laurie Averill is a Volunteer Solar System Ambassador (SSA) for The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and member of the Astronomical Society of New Haven (ASNH). SSA’s learn about JPL missions for NASA to share information with the public. Laurie’s interest in astronomy began with learning constellations from her father on starlit nights, continued with the Moon landings, and rekindled when she met her future husband who is a life-long amateur astronomer. She also assists in public events for observing the Sun or the nighttime sky.