Save the Date

You are cordially invited to attend a live theatrical performance of The Secrets of Brown and White, presented by Labyrinth Productions, StoryMatters, Clinton Arts Council, Clinton Human Rights Committee, and Henry Carter Hull Library.

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Important: This event will be held at the Clinton Town Hall, located at 54 East Main Street.

Synopsis: Megan and Jane are first cousins, but have been purposefully kept from meeting each other throughout their lives by their mothers – Denyse Brown and Virginia White.  The very act of their secretly coming face to face unveils a truth that prompts the two of them to bring their families together, forcing the white-skinned Brown family to reconcile with certain members of the black-skinned White family and confront the reason for the separation.  However, meeting unknown family members of a different race, isn't a happy moment for everyone.

Inspired by a true story, The Secrets of Brown and White peels back the conversation “of race, shame, family, and courage.”  It is a timely American conversation that is an open, honest, and surprisingly funny examination of race, racism, belonging, and what it means to be family.