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Teens must be in grades 6-12 to use the PlayStation 4 equipment and play the games.

Please check out and return the games and controllers at the Reference Desk.

Gamers are asked to treat the equipment gently and to have knowledge on how to use the system prior to use.

There is an on-line manual available at or you can view the instructional videos on YouTube.

Teens must have an HCH Library in good standing. In addition, during the summer months, we request that teens be registered for the summer reading program.

You may not check out games or controllers for another person on your library card. If you check-out the equipment, you are responsible for returning to the Reference Desk.

Game playing will be limited to 1 hour. If no one is waiting to use the system, play may continue. Anyone using the Gaming System must be willing to end the game when requested by the library staff.

At present, PlayStation 4 is not connected to the internet and there is no on-line play.

All games are rated T for Teen or E for Everyone.

Gamers will use the games, controllers and other accessories available in the Teen Space. No outside games will be brought in and played in the Teen Room.

I know you are excited, but Gamers will be asked to respect others and keep the volume and noise level to a reasonable level.

Games and accessories will be kept at the Reference Desk when not in use.

Gaming System will be shut down 30 minutes before the library closes.

Questions? See Teen Librarian Cathleen at the Reference Desk.